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Modernization of public lighting network equipment in Chefchaouen (Morocco)

LED based public lighting for Chefchaouen’s main road, Hassan II Avenue

18 LED lamps shed light on Chefchaouen’s main road Hassan II Avenue. On 11 December, the city inaugurated its new energy-efficient lighting system including two control units equipped with a remote control system. The new equipment will reduce the city’s energy consumption while facilitating the management and maintenance of the system.

The installation supported by the EU, is based on a comprehensive diagnostic of Chefchaouen's public lighting network supported by GIZ. The works have been coordinated by IDE-E and ICP. According to the diagnostics, public lighting accounts for more than 60% of the energy consumption of the City of Chefchaouen; and the network equipment was outdated. The rehabilitation of the public lighting system along Hassan II Avenue will serve as a reference for further rehabilitation efforts aimed to improve the management and energy efficiency of public lighting in the city’s old town. To invest in further rehabilitation, the city is planning for the establishment of an energy performance contract and partnership with an Energy Service Company (ESCO).

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