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Introducing a Municipal Energy Accounting System in four Moroccan cities

IDE-E has supported four Moroccan cities in establishing an energy accounting system, aimed to monitor and reduce municipal energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

IDE-E has been working hand in hand with four city governments (Fam el Hisn, Tata, Er-Rich and Midelt) to set up an energy accounting system aimed to monitor and manage the energy consumption and GHG emissions of municipal buildings, infrastructure, equipment and vehicles. Based on the online open-source software, city governments can manage energy consumption, prioritize and quantify the impact of targeted interventions.

The support provided to the Moroccan Provinces of Tata and Midelt is part of the Sustainable Energy Project in the Midelt and Tata Provinces (EDMITA), funded by GIZ and implemented by GFA. EDMITA’s goal is to harness the potential for renewable energy development and improve energy efficiency by getting local governments and civil society actors involved.

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