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The Municipal Energy Management System (MEMS)

The Municipal Energy Management System (MEMS) is a tailored-to-the-needs designed software aimed at facilitating the systematic monitoring, analysis and continuous improvement of energy consumption in public lighting, buildings and vehicles.

Short description

This online tool has been designed and developed by IDE-E specifically to meet the needs of municipal managers who wish to improve the energy management of their municipality.

The TBGE enables the systematic monitoring and analysis of electricity, gas, water and fuel consumption and expenditure of municipal assets. By using this tool, municipal managers can:

> Reconstruct, visualise and analyse the history of their energy consumption and expenditure ;

> Identify the main energy-consuming equipment ;

> Detect anomalies, irregular or suspicious consumption ;

> Identify the priority actions for intervention to be integrated into the municipal action plan ;

> Assess the energy and financial impact achieved by the intervention made.

Why adopt the MEMS?

The implementation of a MEMS enables a municipality to strengthen its commitment to energy and climate management by:

> The formation of a culture of 'good' energy management and cooperation between departments.

> The reduction of the energy bill of the municipal assets.

> Acquiring detailed knowledge of all municipal assets and facilitating energy audits.

Reference and type of services provided

> Morocco (2013 - ongoing): Design, development and implementation of a Municipal Energy Management System for Moroccan municipalities; pilot municipalities: Chefchaouen, Midelt, Tata, Er-Rich, Fam-el-Hisn ;

> Tunisia (2019 - ongoing): Design and monitoring of the deployment within all 350 Tunisian municipalities of an energy accounting and reporting tool for municipal assets ;

> Tunisia (2019 - ongoing): Design, follow-up of the development and deployment of an energy accounting, monitoring and management tool for the city of Sousse ;

> Algeria (2019): Strategic study for the design and deployment of an energy accounting and municipal asset management tool supported by MICLAT ;

> Algeria (2022 - ongoing): Design, development and implementation of an energy accounting tool for 30 pilot municipalities in 4 wilayas.


Green municipalities 

feasibility assessment and design of a cities network



2019 - 2021



municipal energy monitoring and management tool



2019 - 2020

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implementation of energy-climate initiatives in Chefchaouen



2014 - 2018

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