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Integrated Urban Development Programme – City of Sousse

Support the municipality of Sousse for the design, implementation and deployment of an Integrated Urban Development Program

Short project description

The Integrated Urban Development Program for the City of Sousse (PDUI-Sousse) is aimed at supporting the city in its transformation towards a meticulously planned city that offers its citizens a more pleasant living environment and better economic, environmental, and social conditions. The project provides the municipality with strategic and integrated urban planning tools that match the city's ambitions with regards to reducing emissions, climate resilience and social inclusion.

As such, it integrates urban development, mobility, energy management, climate resilience, and innovative technology (e.g., Geoportal) through a forward-thinking urban strategy, focusing on modernising urban plans and public spaces. It includes a comprehensive urban mobility scheme with strategic transport planning and traffic management; an Integrated Energy Management System aimed at minimising energy consumption and power generation from renewable energy sources, with a GIS system that enhances interdisciplinary thinking and connectivity


2019 - 2026



Key partners

Municipality of Sousse

Ministry of the Interior/Municipal Affairs

Ministry of Transport



Urbaplan (leader)





Services provided

>  Initial Assessment of the city’s energy and climate policies

>  Energy audits on public lighting, buildings, and vehicle fleet

>  Integrated Energy Management System, including a Municipal Energy Dashboard

>  Showcasing energy efficiency in buildings (e.g., townhall retrofit, and historical municipal building rehabilitation)

>  Showcasing solar PV power generation (e.g., municipal rooftop pilot) and upscaling on up to 15 municipal buildings

>  Solar Cadaster and Solar Self-producers’ support facility

>  Supporting the city’s readiness for the ACTE-MEA Award

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