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Alliance of Municipalities for Climate and Energy Transition (ACTE)

Support to the Tunisian government for the design, implementation and deployment of the national ACTE programme

Short project description

The project aims to support the National Agency for Energy Management (ANME) in the design, deployment and monitoring of its national ACTE programme (Alliance of Municipalities for Energy Transition) covering the entire territory and aimed at supporting the energy transition of Tunisian cities.

The project provides support to seven Tunisian partner cities in the development of an energy-climate action plan and the design of municipal projects (energy efficiency of public buildings, modernisation of public lighting, solar roofs, sustainable water management, sustainable mobility, etc.).

Services provided

> Diagnostics of energy and climate-related issues on the territoriy of the 7 pilot cities

> Creation and capacity building of local governance structures

> Support for the development of municipal energy-climate action plans in connection with other planning documents

> Support for project design, facilitation of access to finance and support for implementation

> Strategic advice for the deployment of the ACTE programme

> Introduction of a methodological approach for the continuous improvement of energy management in municipalities, including a certification system (inspired by the European Energy Award, EEA)

> Design and implementation of a financing mechanism for municipal energy projects that is sustainable beyond the project.


2019 - 2022



Institutional partner




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