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Phú Yên for Zero Waste

Support to Phú Yên province to drastically reduce and effectively manage household solid waste. 

Short project description

The Project’s general objective is to support the Phú Yên Province and its capital city Tuy Hòa in reducing and sustainably managing solid waste, while progressively eliminating single-use plastics and preventing them from entering natural ecosystems.

The project facilitates the establishment of an enabling policy framework and support the development of practical solutions to pave the way for the elimination of single-use plastics by 2030.

The project provides a support for the improvement and cost-efficiency of the current collection system in Tuy Hoa, introduce a separate collection system for organic waste and increase the visbility of informal waste collectors.

The projects support the development of organic waste recycling solutions while improving the socio-economic conditions of the informal waste collectors. 

Services provided

> General coordination of the project

> Development of policy recommendations and roadmap to avoid and eliminate single-use plastics

> Cartographic analysis of the municipal waste management system

> Support for the improvement of collection and the introduction of a separate waste collection system

> Facilitate the formal recognition of informal waste collectors and agreements between the Provincial authorities and the informal waste collectors

> Identification and design of an investment project to improve local waste recovery.


2021 - 2023


ADEME, REPIC, City of Paris

Institutional partner

Phú Yên Provincial People Committee



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