Sustainable Energy Development at Local Levels


In the context of Morocco's recently revised legal, regulatory and institutional framework (e.g. Law on Renewable Energy, Law on the establishment of ADEREE, the creation of MASEN, SIE and IRESEN; and the Energy Efficiency Law currently under review) and ADEREE's territorial approach aimed to promote sustainable energy deployment at local levels (i.e. six regional agreements for RE and EE development), IDE-E has worked closely with the Agency and key partners like GIZ and UNDP to (a) develop a toolkit for local authorities based on the opportunities and constraints identified by the study; (b) support an enabling policy framework for implementation, monitoring and evaluation (including the support of specific initiatives to increase access to clean technology, e.g. development of ESCOs), and (c) provide strategic support to national capacity-building efforts, namely geared towards local authorities.


Results of the study will be published in December 2011.